Security Services

American Eagle Protective Services (AEPS) will provide for you a well-trained and professional security officer. We offer commissioned/noncommissioned security officers who provide personal and property protection through high visibility, awareness and command presence. They will provide personnel and asset protection, monitor CCTV, control access, building and property patrols. All security officers employed with this company are properly licensed. A thorough background investigation is conducted before they are hired. Security officers receive state required training and must pass required examinations/qualifications prior to working. They are placed according to their skills, knowledge and compatibility with client requirements. We work with our client and officers to build a more secure environment. Typically, security officers are not present to enforce the law. They are a deterrent to crime and a professional witness, should a crime take place in their presence.

Personal Protection Services

We provide Personal Protection Officers with the skills and knowledge to facilitate client activities and movements. The officers are trained to facilitate the client from arrival to departure. We also provide personal protection officers for the traveling client. Our nationwide network of associates, assist clients in most areas. We will be discrete while providing the protection and services necessary.

PSB Licensing & Training

AEPS Corporation is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board

PSB Security Company License # C11642 • PSB Academy License # F00976
902 Crystal Falls Parkway, Leander, TX 78641

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