AEPS has proven automated management systems to perform work reception (including 24/7 support), classification, scheduling, control, management; automatic problem identification; and assurance of data integrity.

The company operates effective customer service programs, performs human resource functions, management and accountability for government and company property, purchasing, and financial management.

AEPS’ technical capabilities include carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, flooring, appliance maintenance and repair, furnishings management, walls, ceilings, cabinets, doors, bathroom fixtures, concrete, roofing, locksmith services, pest control, fence repair, mold and water removal, deodorizing, grounds maintenance, refuse collection and disposal, metal work, asbestos and lead-based paint removal, waste water treatment, janitorial/custodial services, environmental hospital housekeeping, roads, pavements, and other general building/housing and grounds maintenance.


AEPS is an ISO 9000 Quality Management System compliant contractor. AEPS’ compliance with the International Standards Organization provides assurance that our methods and procedures are well organized and standardized and that quality is built into each service provided. The standardization and inherent self-evaluation required of AEPS’ Management Systems cements the company’s reputation as an effective contractor.