AEPS continually researches, develops and implements cutting edge technology and practices for grounds maintenance, lawn care and landscaping. We devote substantial resources to continually evaluate new products, treatments and equipment developing better methods for taking care of grass, trees, and shrubs. AEPS lawn specialists must complete a rigorous training program before they can be a certified employee.

Additionally, we have taken an active leadership role in both developing and supporting sound environmental practices and regulatory policies. AEPS is committed to environmentally responsible practices and products, and we have established our own set of environmental stewardship principles.

Lawn Care

TEAM AEPS responds to your lawn’s needs with the highest quality service. We provide a combination of weed control and fertilization treatments designed to target every lawn care issue. This careful attention to your lawn means that you’ll enjoy a greener, more weed-free lawn — faster than ever!

Programs vary by region and some may include insect treatments. All services will be delivered by a professionally-trained specialist who lives and works in your area and knows all about caring for lawns specific to your geographic region.

Healthy Landscape

A healthy landscape contributes to a healthy environment in many ways. In fact, healthy trees, plants, and shrubs actually:

  • Purify and conserve water resources by reducing runoff and recharging the water table
  • Maintain air quality by absorbing air pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and smog
  • Trap dust particles that can reduce visibility and sunlight
  • Generate oxygen through photosynthesis