Government Operation Support Services

AEPS presents customized facility support services to the federal government. Our focus is on customers for whom the operation of the facility infrastructure is crucial to the success of their operation.

Through established alliances and a network of trusted associates, AEPS proposes innovative facility support services and solutions that drive quality, efficiency and a reliable means towards superior results.

Our goal is to deliver service with solutions that enable our clients to save valuable time and money, operating at the highest levels of performance. AEPS welcomes the opportunity to partner with its government customer supporting their operations through the services provided by AEPS:

  • Investigations/Background Checks
  • Professional Training
  • Environmental Hospital Housekeeping
  • Security Services
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping
  • Facilities Support

Through AEPS’ experienced managers and staff, TEAM AEPS works to streamline its operations in order to achieve cost and operating efficiencies.

AEPS is an ISO 9000 Quality Management System compliant contractor. AEPS’ compliance with the International Standards Organization provides assurance that our methods and procedures are well organized and standardized and that quality is built into each service provided. The standardization and inherent self-evaluation required of AEPS’ management cements our reputation as an effective contractor.