WTMD and HHMD Training


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This training is designed to provide Walk through Metal Detection (WTMD) and Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) operation and increase the overall proficiency of screeners.

  • There are a minimum of four (4) levels of security that should be addressed in any security assessment.
  • All positions on the screening station team are equally important.

The four (4) levels are:

  1. Security Entry Control
  2. X-ray Machine
  3. Walk-Through Metal Detector (WTMD)
  4. Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)

This course will consist of the following:

  1. Security Entry Control
  2. Walk-Through Metal Detector (WTMD)
  3. Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)

After completion of this program the student will be able to demonstrate the ability to check and verify identification and detect illegal and prohibited items entering a secured area or restricted facility.