S PSB Level III Certification Part 1


This course is the Theory instruction portion (Part 1) of the PSB Level III Certification Course.

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PSB Level III Certification

  • Level III certification requires both Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Before registering for Part 1, you’ll need to secure a commitment from a licensed Level III Trainer to complete Part 2.
  • The Level III Training Course (minimum 45 hours) and test (including course of fire) is required for all commissioned security officers and personal protection officers.
  • This training course must be administered by a licensed Level III Training School and taught by a licensed Level III Instructor.
  • The demonstration of firearm proficiency must be completed within 90 days of the application date.

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Level III Certification Theory (online classroom) Part 1 instruction addresses the following topics:

  • Licensing
  • Pocket Cards
  • Requirements to be a Commissioned Officer in Texas
  • Licensing of Companies
  • Violations by Commissioned Officers
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Function of Security Officers
  • Arrest Authority
  • Laws Pertinent to the Security Officer
  • Article 14.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Article 18.16 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Chapter 42.01 of Texas Penal Code
  • Chapter 9 Use of Deadly Force
  • Use of Force Concepts
  • Issues Relating to the Concealed Handgun License
  • Field Note Taking
  • Report Writing
  • Response to Emergency Situations
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Crime Scene
  • Witness Interviewing
  • Theory in Awareness Skills
  • Theory in Cover & Concealment
  • Fire Recognition and Response
  • Bomb Threats
  • Terrorist Response
  • Accidents Involving Serious Injury or Harm
  • Public Perception of a Security Officer
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Theory in Weaponless Strategies
  • Theory in Intermediate Weapons
  • Five Step Hard Style
  • Twelve (12) Hours Theory Defensive Tactics
  • Theory of Handcuffing Techniques
  • Theory in Firearms Training & Actual Range Qualification

This online course is designed to give the student the Theory based information to successfully pass the Private Security Board Level III written examination.

After successful completion of this AEPS Academy course, the instructor will send you a Certificate of Completion and the PSB-30 that will be submitted to the DPS-PSB.

  • The PSB-30 requires the last 6 digits of your SS#.
  • The PSB-30 has to be completed by the Classroom instructor.
  • The PSB-30 has to be completed by the Skills/Firearms instructor.
  • The PSB-30 must be presented to a PSB Skills trainer to complete the hands-on portion of training.
  • The PSB Skills/Firearms instructor needs to complete the Firearms Completion Form and return to AEPS Corp.

You will receive the Level III certification after successful completion of the following:

  1. Level III Training Requirements
    • Theory (Part 1)
    • Skills/Firearms (Part 2) training
  2. Complete/Update your TOPS profile
  3. Comply with the Fingerprint requirements
    • Criminal History
    • Background Check
  4. Submit to DPS-PSB the name and registration number of the Guard Company you are employed with.