PSB Level IV Certification Part 1


This course is the Theory instruction portion (Part 1) of the PSB Level IV Certification Course, Personal Protection Officer.


The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau (PSB) requires that the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) are printed on your course completion certificate. Enter the last 6 digits of your SSN below in this format: XX-XXXX

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What training is required to obtain a license?

Security Officer and Personal Protection Officer applicants must submit training certificates as part of the application.

  • Non-Commission Security Officer applicants must submit a Level II Training certificate
  • Commission Security Officer applicants must submit Level II and Level III Training certificates
  • Personal Protection Officer applicants must submit Level II, Level III, and Level IV Training certificates in addition to the  Declaration of Psychological and Emotional Health.

This course covers the required State-Approved curriculum required by The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau in order to certify an officer as having completed a course of study for Level IV Training in accordance with Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupations Code.

A bodyguard is a person who protects someone (known as their principal) from personal assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information, or other threats. Bodyguards are typically armed and have expertise in unarmed combat, tactical driving, and first aid. However, the most important skill for a bodyguard to possess is the ability to assess a situation and decide how best to respond to minimize danger to his principal. Most important public figures are protected by several bodyguards who work together as a unit, using several vehicles and sometimes decoy vehicles to protect their principal. Less important principals (or those with lower risk profiles) are generally accompanied by a single bodyguard, who may double as the principal’s driver. Higher profile celebrities, billionaires, or at-risk dignitaries usually require a detail of personal protection officers. Usually, a detail of between two (2) to four (4) personal protection officers.

This course will teach you the concepts of personal protection, dignitary protection, executive protection, and celebrity protection. The concepts are sound and considered “industry standard” in providing plain-clothed armed bodyguard services to your clients.

  • This is a 15-hour (LMS – Theory & Hands-On) Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau’s (PSB) Level IV Personal Protection Officer (PPO) course.
  • It fulfills the State of Texas training requirements of the PSB for a Personal Protection Officer License.

Subjects Covered:

  • Administrative Rules
  • Occupations Code
  • Options in Personal Protection
  • Comprehensive Protection Planning
  • Coordination with Local Authorities
  • Building a Client Profile
  • Rings of Protection
  • The Force Continuum
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics
  • Oleo resin Capsicum Training
  • Private Security Act & Commission Rules
  • Texas Penal Code
  • Conflict Resolution & Avoidance
  • Public Perception
  • Arrest Authority
  • Use of Force & Deadly Force


  • In order to receive your Level IV Certificate you must have completed Level II and Level III first.
  • The PSB Commission states that an applicant for a Personal Protection authorization must have been already issued a Level III Commission license.
  • Note: We do not administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Test required before submitting a PPO registration PSB.