PSB Level III Re-Certification Theory – Tax Exempt


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You will receive the Level III re-certification after successful completion of the Theory AND the Firearms Qualification.

  • Range fees and Ammo expense are not included in  PSB Level III Re-Certification Part 1 or PSB Level III Re-Certification Part 2.
  • After successful completion of PSB Level III Re-Certification Part 1, you will receive a Certificate of Training and a form PSB 31.

Certificate of Training

  • The certificate of training  is generated by the LMS system upon completion of of the on-line training
  • Upon completion of the training, AEPS Corp is notified of the completion of the course
  • The certificate of training can be saved from the officers account/login dashboard – completed courses – view results

This certificate of training is for the officers portfolio only. 

Form PSB 31

  • The renewal license requires a PSB 31
  • AEPS Corp will complete the form PSB 31 for the online training
  • AEPS Corp will send the officer the PSB 31
  • The PSB 31 needs to be completed by a licensed PSB firearms instructor
    1. If AEPS Corp is providing the firearms qualification, the officer must purchase PSB Level III Re-Certification Part 2 and AEPS Corp will complete the PSB 31
    2. Do not purchase PSB Level III Re-Certification Part 2 if AEPS Corp isn’t providing the firearms qualification
  • The officer must qualify with a revolver/semi-auto pistol with a PSB approved firearms instructor to complete the re-certification process
  • The completed PSB 31 is then attached to the DPS PSB home page via your TOPS profile as proof of continuing education for re-certification

Firearms Completion Form

For PSB auditing purposes, the PSB licensed firearms instructor providing the firearms qualification must complete the Firearms Completion Form and return the form to AEPS Corp.

Note: Licensed Mangers may take the course to fulfill 6 hours of continuing education (CE) credits towards maintaining their Manager’s License.

Contact Information

AEPS Training and Development Manager
902 Crystal Falls Pkwy
Leander, Texas 78641