Bredgitt Walker, along with her husband Dan Walker, are co-founders of AEPS Corporation, a strong and dynamic American business. Bredgitt currently serves on the board for AEPS Corporation, and is a consultant, investor and philanthropist.

Bredgitt was a dental assistant for 12 years prior to entering into a career with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and becoming a commissioned law enforcement officer in the state of Texas. There, she served as a member of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Capitol Service, Highway Patrol Service, Pistol Team, and Capitol Districts Honor Guard. Being assigned to the State Capitol allowed Bredgitt to observe, participate in, and make recommendations relating to the security operations of the Capitol, state buildings, and the executive protection detail for the Governor of the State of Texas. Her involvement after September 11, 2001, gave her hands-on knowledge of heightened security measures and procedures. Bredgitt resigned from the Texas Department of Public Safety in 2003 in order to dedicate her full-time efforts to AEPS Corporation.

During her career at AEPS, Bredgitt has held the positions of Chairman as well as CEO/President, and directed the growth of the company, which began in May 2002. Bredgitt stepped down as chief executive officer of AEPS in September 2013, but she remains chairman and consults as needed. She transitioned out of the day-to-day role in order to dedicate more time to meeting her personal goals towards education, helping others and philanthropy. Her husband Dan Walker is in charge of the day-to-day management and long term strategy of the company.

As a small business owner, Bredgitt worked diligently with the U.S. Small Business Administration in order for AEPS to graduate successfully from its 8(a) program, a commitment leading the company to tremendous growth at an astonishing rate. The SBA has recognized AEPS for its significant contributions as a small business and for its dedicated support of small business. Bredgitt has committed herself to securing AEPS’ reputation as a professional government services organization, with the leadership and qualified personnel that present and maintain a professional and respected image.

Bredgitt has, and continues to pursue, a number of philanthropic endeavors. She partners with and donates time, money and effort to various charitable organizations near and dear to her heart, including the support and fostering of less fortunate children and orphans.